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Audio Compressor Data

Searching around the internet, I was shock nobody had made a table to collect the parameters of different kinds of audio compressors. Alright! I made one and share :)

In particular to the data of the time of attacks and releases. Different kinds of compressors would have different designs of them but unfortunately some of them don’t mark the actual time on the compressor. Yes, we always listen by ears but we have to fully know the tool we have in order to use it well. As an audio engineer, these are the data we always need, right?

Of course, the list would only includes those compressors don’t have clear indication of the actual time of attacks and releases. For example, the well known digital compressor Waves Renaissance compressor has already told you the actual time of attacks and releases in use. In this case, by no mean I need to include this compressor in the list.

Begin from starting, the list now is just showing some common types of compressors we often use, I will add more to the list when I have time. Here we go.


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